Acacia Cemetery: Mielitzer Chevra Bnei Yehuda Horwitz Anshi Sfard Landsmanshaft

Entrance gate to “Mielitzer Chevra Bnei Yehuda Horwitz Anshi Sfard” – the Mielec Landsmanshaft burial plot at Acacia Cemetery

8384 Liberty Ave, Ozone Park, NY 11417 USA

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The Mielitzer Chevra Bnei Yehuda Horwitz Anshi Sfard is the Mielec Landsmanshaft burial plot at Acacia Cemetery. There are approximately 287 burials in this plot ranging from 1898 to 1990.

How to Visit

Acacia Cemetery is part of the same plot as Mokom Shalom and Bayside Cemeteries in Ozone Park, Queens, NY (not far from JFK Airport). The closest entrance to the plot is on the corner of Liberty Ave. and 103rd Ave. Enter the cemetery and turn left. The plot is located at the north-east corner with most stones aligned north-south. Row 1 is directly against the wall abutting Liberty Ave.


Mary French has written a good history of Acacia along with its neighbors Bayside and Mokom Shalom.

Acacia Cemetery was founded in 1891 by the Pike Street Synagogue of Manhattan which is now defunct. It is also known as The Bayside / Acacia Cemetery, located in Ozone Park, Queens. Congregation Shaare Zedek owns this cemetery which their office was formerly located in East Broadway. It is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in New York City. [source: Find A Grave].


See this Google Map for location of the entrance gate.

Google Satellite imagery showing each row of the plot (click to enlarge)


There are approximately 287 known burials in this plot. Photographs were taken by Adam Kessler in November 2018 and information was sent to JewishGen JOWBR by Scott Genzer in 2019.