The south-east block at the Old Jewish Cemetery of Mielec. Photo courtesy Cezary Borowski.


Google map of Mielec showing locations of all four cemeteries.

Mielec Jews have been maintaining cemeteries for its community for hundreds of years. Currently these are the locations where you can find Jewish cemeteries run (or ran by) the Mielec Jewish Community:

Mielec, Poland

There are four known Jewish cemeteries in the town of Mielec. None of these four cemeteries have received new burials since 1945. Some are well-maintained, others are not.

Memorial for the remains of Mielec Jews in Nowy Sącz that were transferred from Mielec after the Shoah. Photo courtesy Izabela Sekulska.

Near Mielec, Poland (i.e. the Mielec powiat)

There are several other Jewish cemeteries in the Mielec powiat (district):

Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki (21km south-west of Mielec)

Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów (12km south-east of Mielec)

Nowy Sącz (118km south-west of Mielec)

(note: Nowy Sącz is not technically in the Mielec powiat. It mentioned here because there is a memorial to Mielec Jews in the Nowy Sącz cemetery. To enter, see Pani Basia living across the street from the gate.)

New York Metro Area, United States

  • Acacia Cemetery: Mielitzer Chevra Bnei Yehuda Horwitz Anshi Sfard – 189 burials
  • Beth David Cemetery: Congregation Beth Hachneses Anshei Mielec – 202 burials
  • Mokom Sholom Cemetery: Chevra Gemilas Anshe Meletz – 155 burials
  • Mt. Hebron Cemetery: Jehuda Horowitz Lodge – 261 burials
  • New Mt. Carmel Cemetery: Congregation Beth H’Kneseth Anshei Mieletz – 382 burials
  • Washington Cemetery: Congregation Beth H’Kneseth Anshei Mieletz (Erste Mielecer Chebra Kranken Unterstutzung) – 103 burials
  • Wellwood Cemetery: Cong. Beth Hackness Anshei Mieletz – 200 burials
The entrance gate to Melitzer Chevra B’nai Yehuda Horwitz Anshi Sfard at Acacia Cemetery in New York City