Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 10

about it, and if so, what address should I write to. If you
want, write me a reply to my address: M. Borger Mielec

26 -March

1. I am quite busy with science.

2. Girlfriends received a letter from R…i and in this letter
R…a and friends are asked why they dress up vice and send her
my address. Apparently, she saw neither me nor any interest in
her. It also weakened my interest in her. I see it doesn't
seem to be going to happen.

2-6. Science.

6. I talked with Blima. I told her the same as Ici. From the
conversation I concluded B…a and she both like me. Seeing that
I would not try to develop a friendship, she told me that she
would not be able to meet me because at home they would not
let her go anywhere. She later said that if there was more
than friendship (love) between us, she would not be looking at
her parents. 

It proves that Bl… is very interested in me. During the
conversation, I let her know that when R…a turn out to be like
me, I want to return to her and develop my old friendship into
love. I will try to see her and talk about it, which seems to
be not going to happen with R…a. Tema left and I have no one
to R…i and write. (She talked

37. ‘Poste Restante’ i.e. General Delivery.