Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 11

in front of the premises during "Oneg".

6-17 Monotony

17. I wrote another letter to R…i

18. I found out on my own skin that although a person is good,
noble and kindly disposed towards someone, he always likes and
has the satisfaction of seeing someone in oppression (not
heavy, of course) or by making fun of someone.

29. On the first day, "Chal Moejd"38 I went with my friends
to Radomyśl. In Radomyśl I was walking with E…a39. During the
walk we forgave each other's sins and promised further
friendship. On my way to Radomyśl I could not imagine that my
old feeling for E…i would resonate with me to such an extent…
and it spoke strongly, as soon as I saw her my heart beat
faster, the feeling spoke. Apparently it's true that "Old _ _
_ is rusting"40

30. Impressed by the meeting with E…a, no letters from R…i,
and being angry with Bl…e (I will write about it later) I
decided to stop with pseudo-romance, and when there
is an opportunity to go to E…i. 

Now I am breaking up with Blima (but I am staying a friend)
because I found out that she likes Asher practically, while
wanting to flatter me, she talks to me about him, secondly -
she is a gossip and does not keep my words secret.

Incidentally, I want to write that though

38. This is Pesach Chol ha-Moed Day 1 / פֶּסַח חוֹל הַמוֹעֵד יוֹם א׳ (first “intermediate” day during the festival of Passover), the occurrence of which exactly coincides with Moshe’s diary entry of March 29, 1937 (17 Nisan 5697)

39. Esther Hand – see note 16.

40. A version of “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”?