Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 12

in the restaurant I say that I like Pesia B…l41 very much and I
say that it is not true. Apart from my usual sympathy, I have
nothing to do with her.

In the future, I decided to give up these loves.


3. Following the above rule, today in the premises (Saturday)
I did not reach Bl… y at all, but before evening Bl…a42 and she
came to me and started chatting.

At the beginning she asked me if I like P…ę B…l43 and E…ę 
H…d44, this question surprised me a lot, I was not prepared for
something like that. I did not want to answer that, on the
grounds that it was my internal matter that nobody cares
about. Hearing that, her eyes brightened and her speech

(Apparently she concluded that I like the above and not "her")

Then she asked me whose she was talking to someone that,
despite his own words, she still liked Asher, which I
confirmed. Seeing this, she began to translate, but I did not
want to hear her translation, and said that it was for the
commitment and that it was her internal matter and I did not
care. This finally reassured her that "der Libe"45 was over,
her voice trembled and she walked away

I feel sorry for her, but I really don't understand why she
stabbed her

41. This must be Pesia (Pesl) Bickel, daughter of Moses and Leah Bickel, born September 13, 1919. She was the only child in the household on ul. Kościuszki in August 1940 according to the Judenrat census. Her father Moses was confirmed killed in the Shoah; the fates of Leah and Pesia are unknown.

42. Blima Löw. See note 20.

43. Pesia Bickel. See note 41.

44. Esther Hand. See note 16.

45. “the love” [German]