Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 13

to mind (never told her her or anything like that). I broke up
with her and went back to normal relations, because I do not
like her, her character (see previous page), why should she be
wrong and hang with me, let her finally take over Asher. 

I…a Fr.46 told me that R…a47 wrote to her that she would write
to me. These are the words in my embarrassment in connection
with the recent decision.

7. I start to write R…i47 every day, but something always goes
wrong. I am losing my enthusiasm and faith in this matter.

9. Zionism is the only solution to the ancient Jewish
question, and the only true Zionism is Stamsonism48
("Akiba"49). For I am opposed to any dictatorships and class
struggles - solidarity, strict social legislation - "Democracy
and freedom".

15 - 27. There are times when I deeply feel the lack of a
sincere soul. A soul into which I could pour my own feeling
and draw it from there as well, with enthusiasm and
excitement. Maybe this one will be

46. Idessa Friedman. See note 32.

47. Ruchcia Balsam. See note 21.

48. I have no idea what this is.

49. See note 7.