Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 15

Although it is quite possible that I will not be able to study
abroad immediately after graduation, I will not give up my
studies forever. After completing my studies in one of the
previously mentioned countries, I will go to Palestine to work
only for a free motherland. Someone would accuse me of not
being a real Zionist because today I do not want to go and
work as an ordinary worker, but what an advantage would that
be? You can also be an ordinary worker after higher studies.
With the boys from the restaurant, I went to play football
with a local on this occasion I took a walk with E…ą53. During
the conversation, I told her that she did not come to the
premises, but walked with the boys, but she readily denied all
this. Before leaving, one of my friends "straight from the
bridge called me aside and asked whether E…i liked me more
than I like her? These words forced me to reflect on my
attitude towards E…i53. Like that I don't like her I go for a
walk with her of all the girls in Radomyśl because there is no
better one, and she takes my walks seriously! I will try to
make it known at the earliest opportunity.

53. Esther Hand. See note 16.