Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 3

I had not found a companion or companion spiritually related
to me, to whom I could confess, who trusted me and made me
friends. Because of this, I cannot confess, I will "pour"
thoughts and feelings onto paper.

At the age of 10, my father sent me to junior high school
after the fourth "ludowej"5. Learning and progress in middle
school, except for the first one, where I had a "single" until
today6, was good. In the second year, in 1932, I joined the
emerging "Akiba"7 and it exists to this day. The organization
had a great influence on the shaping of my character and
worldview (it is also happening today). In 1933, I met Salek8
Chaim9, my school friend. Soon Salek became my best friend
too. I often went to him in Wola Mielecka10 (his father Israel
Chaim of blessed memory leased the manor there) and I spent my
free days with him when not studying.

Meanwhile, in the organization, I experienced the idyllic
times of the 3rd gdud11. But after a two-year stay in the
organization, I moved on to the second one. Since then, I have
gained an influence on my quarters. Our Kwuca12 in the second
place received autonomy. After a one-year stay in the 2nd
gymnasium, where I was co-opted to the hanhaga nests13, they

5. Last year of primary (elementary) school in Poland at the time.

6. I am unclear what this means.

7. “Akiba” was one of many local youth Zionist organizations in Mielec and in many other Polish towns.

8. Like English, it is very common for Poles to use diminutives rather than their full names. “Salek” is a common diminutive for Solomon.

9. I have no record of either a Salek (Solomon) Chaim or his father Israel Chaim. There is a record of a boy named “Chaim Chaim” who attended Year 2 Gimnazjum in 1931-1932 in Mielec – it is possible this is the same boy.

10. Wola Mielecka is a small village about 5 kilometers WSW of Mielec, across the Wisłoka river.

11. I assume this means 3rd Grade (Year 3 of Junior/High School)

12. I am unclear what this means.

13. I am unclear what this means.