Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 5

among my friends, I didn't see one like that, I started
looking for girls. Meanwhile, in November 1935 I received a
quote of boys. Being in the hanhaga and the "rosh quat" I
directed my thoughts more to the premises. That was the time
until the summer of 1936:

In July of that year, I was at the Akiba colony in Bańska
Wyżna19. After returning from the colony, a turning point in my
life took place. Until now, I have only seen girls at the
premises (now, thanks to Asher Keller, I have already started
walking with the girls in the street, bathing and meeting more
often in their company. Among the girls, Blima Low20 caught my
attention the most. I started to "walk" with her. I spent
several months dealing with Blima, but sometime in December I
noticed that Blima was hiding something from me at times and
that she did not reciprocate sincerely. Not wanting to bother
myself or to bother her, I broke up with her (this Blima
recommended Ruchcia Balsam21 for my friend). That's what my
feeling "took care of". Whenever there is no one around her in
the restaurant, I talk to her, take her home, if she
understands my thought, I don't know. My feeling towards her
is strong because I always look at her windows when I walk to
see if I see her. I am sad for a long time I had no
Blima Rachel Balsam’s identity photograph, taken in February 1937 in Mielec [photo courtesy of the Oborski Museum in Mielec, Poland via Stanisław Wanatowicz]

19. Bańska Wyżna is a small village in the Tatra mountains, south of Kraków near the Slovak border.

20. Blima Löw, daughter of Berish Löw and Eiga Löw née Brand, was born in Mielec on December 3, 1921, the middle child among seven. The entire family was killed in the Shoah.

21. I am not certain who Ruchcia Balsam was. Possibly she was Blima Rachel Balsam, daughter of Isaac Samuel and Leah Balsam, born in Mielec on April 15, 1920. Blima Rachel was the oldest of five children and was definitely in Mielec in August 1940 as the whole family is listed on the Judenrat census living on ul. Legionów. Whereabouts unknown after that.