Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 6

to see her.
1937 - we 

In the meantime, one Friday evening, during a conversation
with Mark Schreier22, I inadvertently promised Bina Eder23 that
I would escort her home from the premises. Something happened
that I was walking B.E myself several times. To B.E.24 she took
it as an interest in her and let me know it during one of the
At first I wanted to take advantage of it, but after some
reflection I changed my mind. Since B.E. She was not nice to
me at all, I decided to try to see her as little as possible
(see her off) so that I would lose her feelings. I really
didn't want her to make me believe and in the future, bitterly

My attitude towards friends.

Joseph Fleischer25, it seems he is my best friend. He is quite
naive, which is why he is sometimes deceived by Joseph
Dienstag25.5. Joseph Dienstag cannot be a real friend, he is too
proud and empty boy.

Asher Keller. I believe he is my worst enemy. I hate him
because he is selfish, opportunist. In my eyes he smiles so
"pleasantly", and behind my back the enemy. My hatred arose
because he was the reason for breaking up with Esther H. and
Blima L...

22. Mark Schreier, son of Chaim and Hudesa Schreier, was born on June 13, 1918. He had two younger siblings: Reizel Chana (born May 29, 1920) and Arno (born ca 1921). Mark survived the Shoah and died in New York in 2013.

23. Bina Eder, daughter of Golda Eder, was born November 20, 1920. Fate unknown.

24. “B.E.” is Bina Eder.

25. Joseph Fleischer, son of Leiser Fleischer and Leah Fleischer née Eder, was born April 10, 1920. His father was from Tarnobrzeg. Joseph had at least one younger sister, Esther, and was killed in the Shoah along with his mother. Fates of his father and sister are unknown.

25.5. Joseph Dienstag, son of David Dienstag and Lieba ??, was born July 27, 1920. Joseph had at least one older sister, Esther Hela, and was killed in the Shoah in Central Asia. Fates of his parents and sister are unknown.