Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 7

Isaac (Miciu) Aschheim26. I like him even though he is an
Asher's "supporter" because he is an obliging, friendly and
sincere boy? It's a pity he's influenced by Asher. Until now,
he was considered the best nest boy. Now he is influenced by

February 1. There is no work in the restaurant, I am overcome
by apathy. I lose hope that there are people worthy of that
name after all.

2 ­– 9. Still disorder in the premises. When I come to the
premises, I sit down and think. I don't know, he always wants
to see and talk to R.B.27 She has not been in the place for a
long time.

9. Work in the restaurant has already started, I have regained
my humor. R.B. still haven't seen. Does she feel my
11. Something is going on in my mind. I cannot clearly
realize. I suffer a lot seeing the suffering and poverty of
people, and I do not like any of the existing social systems.
I hate fascism or communism, which is popular today, I just
hate it. I have a deep loathing of any dictatorship. For she
has fallen a man, forces him to grovel and deceit, takes away
his innate freedom, rules by violence and rests on bayonets.
Dictatorial (total) states in the greatest part pursue a
policy of annexation, they strive for war in order to gain
popularity among the masses. Where there is a dic-

26. No information known about Isaac (Miciu) Aschheim.

27. “R.B.” is Ruchcia Balsam