Diary of Moshe Borger

Diary of Moshe Borger – page 8

tatorship, literature and art cannot develop freely, indeed!
Even science. Everything has to stand at attention in front of
the Fuhrer.
12. I was looking forward to coming to R.B…m28, but I really
feel the lack of sincere friendship more and more.
13. I must now believe that my hunch is not failing. In the
afternoon in the place (Saturday) I did not sing and dance
something subconsciously. I sensed something wrong. Of course,
the feeling did not deceive me. During the "oneg"29, I learned
from Fema Fr…n30 that Ruchcia was leaving for Łódź. This
news stunned me, the more so as I had not had the opportunity
to talk to her "face to face" for a long time, and now I had
no prospect of meeting her to speak with her and say goodbye.
I managed to escort home from the premises, but bad luck.
There was also her friend. During the conversation, she
promised me that she would be on the street at 7:30. I waited
but she didn't come. That's why I decided to go to the station
when it leaves, but I can't talk to her. Due to the fact that
R…a B…m is leaving, big thoughts are fighting inside me, the
first one not to worry too much about it, so that I can look
for friendship elsewhere with a clear conscience, the second
dictates to me to try to see R…a And tell her my intentions
and then try to contact 

28. “R.B…m” is Ruchcia Balsam

29. “oneg” is Oneg Shabbat – the sabbath meal on Friday evening.

30. I must assume that “Fr…n” is Friedman. The nickname “Femy” is a mystery at this time.