Documents and Vital Records

There are literally hundreds of primary and secondary sources for research on Mielec Jews. I will be consolidating much of the information on this site; please check back as things will change.


Bank money order from Chane LAUFER for 502 kroner (1918)

Bank money order from Kalman KORNREICH for 139.20 PLN (1940): Front, Back

Business Directory (1923)

Commercial Receipts from Jewish Businesses

Letters to Abraham CHOIM, owner of a flour mill in Rzemień called “Olga” (3 Aug 1926; 4 Aug 1926)

Letter from “PALHISOG” vodka shop in Warsaw, looking for P. SALPETER (unknown)

List of Doctors, Dentists, and Pharmacists (1936)

List of Inhabitants of Mielec and Cyranka (1852, source: Krzysztof Ślusarek)

Membership List of the Jewish Workers’ Union of Radomyśl Wielki (1919, source: Dzieje Gminy Żydowskiej w Radomyślu Wielkim)

Note of debt to Ignacy EICHEN from Pinchas WOLF (1932)

Postcard from Mendel SOMER to Carl ROTTENBILLER in Pest, asking for money in exchange for leeches (1873): Front, Back


Envelope from Vilem STERN to Abbe PERLMANN in Mielec (1913): Front, Back

New Year’s card from Albin HOCHHAUS (unknown)

New Year’s card from Leiser KARTAGENER (1911)

New Year’s card from Meir SCHECHTER (unknown)

New Year’s card from Leiser VERSTANDIG and wife (unknown)

The Ostrow Letters

Postcard from M. JOCHNOWICZ to the Red Cross in Geneva, looking for David & Izak GARTNER (1941)

Postcard from Jacob LEIPZIG (1893): Front, Back

Postcard from Libka SEMMEL to Kazimierz RODOWICZ in Krakow (1941): Front, Back


Boys’ School Records (assorted years and sources)

Girls’ School Records (1916-1935, source: LDS Archives)

Immigration, Passports, and Ship Manifests

Immigration Ship Manifests of Jews from Mielec

Polish Passports & Palestine Immigration Documents (source: Israel State Archives)


The Werynski Files (1933-1950, source: Scott Genzer)

Shoah (Holocaust)

Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards, 1943-1959

Post-War D.P. Camp Records containing Mielec Jews (source: Arolsen Archives)

U.S. Government (e.g. Social Security)

U.S. Consular Registration Certificates, 1907-1918
U.S. Passport Applications 1795-1925

U.S. Social Security Applications (1936-2007, source: U.S. National Archives)

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death)


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Immigration Cards, 1900-1965


Jewish Registration Applications (1935-1941, source: Muzeum Regionalne Dworek i Park Oborskich w Mielcu)


Links for further research

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Cropped segment of a Mielec ID Application for Beila Horowitz, born 15 December 1927 in Mielec. Beila was the daughter of R’Isaac Horowitz, the Melitzer Rebbe of the Lower East Side of New York, and granddaughter of R’Naftali Horowitz, the 3rd Rebbe of Mielec
Receipt from David-CHAIM dated January 3, 1939
Receipt from David Chaim dated January 3, 1939
Back of a postcard from Debora Ostrow, dated December 1913
Back of a postcard from Debora Ostrow, written in Yiddish, dated December 1913
Excerpt of a Mielec school record for Rozalia Aschheim, dated 1900. Source: LDS Film 102393103.
A page from the Werynski Files – legal documents from local Mielec attorney Wojciech Werynski spanning the years 1932-1948
U.S. Emergency Passport Application for Nathan Birnbaum, filed at the U.S. Consulate in Warsaw on October 24, 1922. Nathan was born in Mielec in March 1900 and was going back to Mielec to visit family after WWI.