Mielec Yidn (“Jews of Mielec”) is for all those interested in the history and life of the Jewish people who resided in, and in the environs of, what is now known as Mielec, Poland. There are many resources on the internet on this topic; we do not expect that this site will be the exclusive resource on this topic. But we hope that you find information here useful, insightful, or at least thought-provoking.

Credit and Appreciation

Stanisław Wanatowicz
Author, researcher, and universally-recognized expert of Jewish history in the Mielec powiat. Pan Wanatowicz has spent his entire life preserving and teaching others about the Jewish history of Mielec.

Janusz Halisz
Director of the Muzeum Historii Fotografii “Jadernowka” in Mielec; author of numerous books including August Jaderny: Fotografista and Mielec 1939–1945 with Andrzej Krempa.

Andrzej Krempa
Lifetime researcher of Jewish life in Mielec; author of numerous books including Zagłada Żydów Mieleckich and Mielec 1939–1945 with Janusz Halisz.

Izabela Sekulska
Founder and administrator of the Mayn Shtetele Mielec Facebook group; leader and organizer of the Tragutta Cemetery Group. Website: www.mayn.shtetele.mielec.pl