Jewish Cemetery of Radomysl Wielki

The memorial in the center of the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki

(Cmentarz Żydowski w Radomyślu Wielkim, ul. Alacjowa, 39-310 Radomyśl Wielki, Poland – approximately at 50° 11′ 26.3148″ N, 21° 17′ 38.7774″ E)


The Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki (Cmentarz Żydowski w Radomyśl Wielkim) is located on ul. Alacjowa, about 2km ESE of the Radomyśl Rynek . It is now a wooded, overgrown area that you access via a worn path into the forest. There is a small fenced site in the middle, and dozens (hundreds?) of matzevot in the surrounding overgrowth.

How to Visit

It is only a 2 minute drive from the Radomyśl Wielki rynek (or 21 minutes from Mielec rynek) to the site. Drive 1.5 km ESE on ul. Targowa out from Radomyśl Wielki. It will seem as if you are in the middle of nowhere. Turn right and look for the sign (shown above). Walk along the path and you will arrive at a clearing with a small fenced in area. In addition to the matzevot and memorial in the center, there are dozens (hundreds?) of matzevot scattered in a 100m radius of the clearing in various conditions.


According to Polish researcher Krzysztof Bielawski, this was the second Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki and was established in 1850. The first one was near the synagogue in Radomyśl Wielki itself near ul. Armii Krajowej.

Like the Old Jewish Cemetery in Mielec and the Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów, the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki was destroyed by the German Army during the Shoah. There has been some restoration since the war; in 1987, a monument commemorating the victims of the Shoah was unveiled at the cemetery (see full story here). In addition a beam from the local synagogue was placed near the monument.

This link is a video interview with Andrzej Ziobroń about the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki, taken on July 12, 2020 by local journalist Włodzimierz Gąsiewski of Promocja Mielec.


There has not been a proper cemetery map made to date of the cemetery. On the right is a Google map showing its location relative to the town of Radomyśl Wielki.


There are several plaques / memorials that were erected in the late 1980s:

Restoration and Recoveries

None. This cemetery is in dire need of restoration.

The sign showing the entrance to the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki
Path leading to the main section of the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki. Photo courtesy Włodzimierz Gąsiewski – Promocja Mielec
Map showing location of the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki


  • Radomysl obelisk unveiling


There are likely hundreds of matzevot at the Jewish Cemetery of Radomyśl Wielki. These images were taken in 1988 in an effort to create a catalogue:

  • Radomysl tombstone relief
  • Radomysl tombstone Efraim Fishel b Peretz 1817
  • Cemetery in Radomyśl Wielki. Unreadable inscriptions.
  • Matzevot from the cemetery in Radomyśl
  • Radomysl tombstone Frieda Yetta b Samuel Yitzchak 1906
  • Radomysl tombstone Yakutsel b Abraham 1902

This cemetery is in dire need of restoration. Below is a gallery of images taken by Scott Genzer during his visit to the cemetery in April 2018 and March 2019.

Recent News

These photos and video were taken on July 19, 2021 during a visit to the cemetery. Photos credit: Stanisław Wanatowicz; Video credit: Tomasz Kocur.