Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów

The hill leading up to the Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów (Cmentarz Żydowski w Rzochowie), December 2020

(Cmentarz Żydowski w Rzochowie, ul. Kolejowa 21-23, Rzochów, Poland – approximately at 50° 14′ 49.50″ N, 21° 30′ 47.10°E)


The Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów (Cmentarz Żydowski w Rzochowie) was located on ul. Kolejowa 21-23. It is now a wooded, overgrown area up on a hill near the road. There is almost nothing left to see; it is said that the cemetery was destroyed by the German Army during the Shoah.

How to Visit

It is only a 5 minute drive from the Rzochów rynek (or 12 minutes from Mielec rynek) to the site. From local route 985, turn east on ul. Kolejowa and drive approximately 1.8km. It will seem as if you are in the middle of nowhere. Use your GPS and stop at 50.247263 N,21.513069 E. If you arrive at a fork in the road, you have gone too far. Park your car and hike up the hill on your left toward the large tree shown above.


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Google map showing approximate location of former Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów

Restoration and Recoveries

In June 2021, local Rzochów resident Mariusz Mazur located what appears to be 1-3 matzevot on the ground near the main site. He also discovered clear evidence of digging where matzevot were previously located. Investigations are ongoing.