Melitzers Today

In Israel

There is a large, vibrant community of Jews in Ashdod, Israel who descend from Jewish families from Mielec. They are led by one of the remaining descendants of the Mielec/Borowa/Ropschitz Rabbinical dynasty, R’Naftali Asher Yeshayahu Moscowitz RBIH”K, the current “Melitzer Rebbe” of Ashdod. Rabbi Moscowitz’ grandfather was R’Eliezer (Lozerl) Horowitz ZTVK”L – first of Borowa and later Mielec – and his great-grandfather was R’Naftali Horowitz ZTVK”L, the Rabbi of Mielec from 1879-1915.

In Mielec

There are no Jews living in Mielec today. There are many Poles in Mielec, of course – many of whom are committed to preserving the history of their Jewish neighbors. These include:

Stanisław Wanatowicz who has almost single-handedly preserved the history of the Jews of Mielec over a lifetime. Pan Stanisław is literally known as the “Mielec Rabbi” due to his incredible knowledge of Mielec Jews and Jewish life in Mielec prior to 1945. Much of the content on this site is a celebration of his efforts over many decades.

Janusz Halisz and Beata Ślemp-Kwoka who preserve the memories of Mielec Jews at the Muzeum Historii Fotografii “Jadernówka”, and ensure that the Old Jewish Cemetery on ul. Jadernych is maintained and treated with respect.

Andrzej Krempa, Janusz Halisz, Krzysztof Haptaś, and many other Polish historians who make significant contributions to this site and to our knowledge of Jewish life in Mielec

Izabela Sekulska who initiated the first clean up of the New Jewish Cemetery on ul. Tragutta in decades, and continues to volunteer her time to ensure its preservation. Iza also founded the “Mayn Shtetele Mielec” Facebook group which fosters mutual understanding and friendship between Poles and Jews.

In North America

The largest group of Jews whose families descend from Mielec currently live in the United States and Canada. This is likely due to the large number of Jews who emigrated from Mielec to New York prior and after World War I.

In South America

There were many Jews who left the Mielec powiat and ended up in South America, primarily in Brazil and Argentina.


If you know of other Jewish communities that exist elsewhere in the world, please let us know.