Mielec Family Tree

*** NOTE APRIL 18, 2021 ***



Information for New Users

This is the “Mielec Family Tree” – an ongoing project to accurately record, catalog, and preserve the history of every Jewish family from Mielec, and their descendants. Currently the Mielec Family Tree has over 24,000 people on it, spanning over ten generations and every corner of the globe from Argentina to Australia.

If you are a descendant of a Mielec Jew, or a legitimate researcher of Mielec Jews, I welcome to you to contact me to receive a login.

Some important facts about the tree if you have never used it before:

  1. Frequency of Publication: The Mielec Family Tree below is a static export that is only updated approximately every three months. This is because the export process is very time-consuming and quite manual. The “live” Mielec Family Tree exists on Scott’s computer. I encourage you to reach out to me directly via the contact page as often there is a lot more on my computer than what you see here.
  2. Naming Methodology: I use a somewhat unique methodology in how I record first names (given names) and last names (surnames / family names) in this tree. My methodology is explained on a separate page on this site.
  3. Tree Security: The tree itself is presented below as an “iframe” that can only be viewed from this page on mielec-yidn.org, and only from authorized users who have been manually approved by the site owner (Scott Genzer). I take great pains to ensure the security of this tree so please be patient if you are temporarily blocked for some reason.
  4. Donations: If you have the financial means, I would greatly appreciate a donation to help maintain this site, and this tree in particular. I work on it every day and expend my own money for hosting, purchasing original documents, requesting high-resolution scans from Yad Vashem (they cost $30 each!), and many other small items. All donations are greatly, greatly appreciated. If you do not have the financial means to donate, you are very welcome here at no cost.
  5. Face Matching: If you are looking for the page that allows you to upload pictures to match against the “Mielec Face Collection”, it has moved to my other site: http://ancestorfacematch.com. Select “Mielec, Poland” from the menu.

The Tree