New Mt. Carmel Cemetery: Congregation Beth H’Kneseth Anshei Mieletz

Entrance gate to “Beth H’Kneseth Anshei Mieletz” – the Mielec Landsmanshaft burial plot at New Mt. Carmel Cemetery

66-02 Cooper Avenue, Glendale NY 11385

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The Beth H’Kneseth Anshei Mieletz is the Mielec Landsmanshaft burial plot at New Mt. Carmel Cemetery. There are approximately 432 burials in this plot ranging from 1922 to present day.

How to Visit

New Mt. Carmel is technically Sections 2 and 3 of the overall Mt. Carmel Cemetery. The Anshei Mieletz plot is in Section 2, Subsection 1, Plot 20A (see map on right).

If you enter the cemetery from the corner of Cypress Hills St. and Cooper Ave, make your first right when the road splits. Follow the road all the around to the back. The gate entrance is on the east side of the plot (across from Subsection 6). This is a link to a Google Map with the entrance gate pinned.


The Mt. Carmel Cemetery website has a good synopsis of its history.


There are approximately 432 known burials in this plot. Photographs were taken by Scott Genzer in December 2018 and information was sent to JewishGen JOWBR by Scott Genzer in 2019.