Rzochow Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów

(ul. Kolejowa, Rzochów pow. Mielec, PolandLink to Google Map)

[Author: Scott Genzer]


Very little is known of the Jewish Cemetery of Rzochów. As a small village on the outskirts of Mielec, it was a less-known place and hence garnered fewer historical records than Mielec itself. There is no signage to indicate that a cemetery was once here, nor are there any visible tombstones. It looks like a typical wooded area.

How to Visit

The only way to ensure you are on this spot is to use a GPS navigation system. The center of the cemetery is at 50° 14’ 49.218” N, 21° 30’ 47.388” E. Bring sturdy shoes as the terrain is rugged. It will feel like you are on top of a hill when you’re there.




There are no visible burials at this site. These photos were taken in March 2019.

photo of Rzochow cemetery site
photo of the Rzochów cemetery in March 2019
photo of Rzochow cemetery site
photo of the route up the hill to the cemetery location