The Ostrow Letters

This is a series of postcards / letters authored by Mielec Jews Abraham and Devorah OSTROW. They were acquired by Scott Genzer in June 2019.

Postcard from N. HOLLANDER to Abraham OSTROW

Letter from Abraham OSTROW

Postcard to Devorah OSTROW

Translation by Dr. Khana-Feigl Turtletaub:

To Mrs. Devora Ostrow: You wrote a stern card to me auf mir enterhayt? and angvarte ihnen, but everything with suffering? vail zie mukren mit zind? Durkh vemen zie nisht? Have you tried [this small section has one line written on top of another and is very indistinct] not so? Mit hen write to you immediately. The merchandise that you ordered from me, I delivered. And I don’t know what happened there? [Many sentences and with a question mark, but aren’t questions.] And I cannot help you there? I myself have also not ferfurtet to it. I did it a long time ago and have already forgotten about it? But I don’t know who did this for you. Mit hen if something comes, I will respond.