Tragutta Cemetery

New Jewish Cemetery of Mielec

The New Jewish Cemetery at ul. Tragutta — photo courtesy Izabela Sekulska

(Nowy Cmentarz Żydowski w Mielcu, ul. Tragutta 9, Mielec, Poland – Link to Google Map)


The New Jewish Cemetery of Mielec on ul. Tragutta is a much larger plot than the one on ul. Jadernych. It is unclear when it was created and exactly how many burials are there. Currently there are four memorials / tombstones (it is unclear if there are actual remains) flat on the ground, and a large upright memorial stone dedicated to the victims of the Shoah.

As late as 2019 the cemetery was in very poor condition with large overgrowth. In 2020 a group of local Polish volunteers, led by Dębica resident Izabela Sekulska, organized a massive cleanup of the Tragutta cemetery. The cemetery grounds are now clear of brush, clean, and the fence is freshly painted. Volunteers regularly visit the cemetery to ensure its upkeep.

How to Visit

The Tragutta cemetery is on the outskirts of town in an industrial area; you should plan to go there by car. It is fenced and the gate is locked. To enter the cemetery, go first to the Muzeum Historii Fotografii “Jadernych” in town on ul. Jadernych (across the street from the Old Jewish Cemetery) and ask for the key. Please lock the gate when you leave, return the key to the museum, and report any vandalism or trash to the museum staff. Donations to help maintain the cemetery can be made either on-site at the museum, or on this website via PayPal. Please indicate that funds are for the New Jewish Cemetery of Mielec.


The history of the New Jewish Cemetery at ul. Tragutta is unclear. We have no firm evidence that there were any burials at this site before the war. The first clear sign of any activity at Tragutta is a photo of men laying the four memorial stones sometime in the early 1950s (?).


Google Map of Mielec with location of the New Jewish Cemetery at ul. Tragutta
Google Map of Mielec with location of the New Jewish Cemetery at ul. Tragutta


There are four tombstones at Tragutta, and one large memorial to Shoah victims on the top of a small knoll.