Wellwood Cemetery: Cong. Beth Hackness Anshei Mieletz Landsmanshaft

Entrance gate to “Cong Beth Hackness Anshei Mieletz” – the Mielec Landsmanshaft burial plot at Wellwood Cemetery

1400 Wellwood Avenue, West Babylon, NY 11704 USA


The Cong Beth Hackness Anshei Mieletz is the Mielec Landsmanshaft burial plot at Wellwood Cemetery. There are approximately 246 burials in this plot ranging from 1950 to present (still in use).

How to Visit

Wellwood Cemetery is in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. There are very good driving directions on their website: http://wellwoodcemetery.com/directions/. The Cong. Beth Hackness Anshei Mieletz plot is in Block 49:

The plot is very large and mostly empty until you walk toward the back. It is clear that the organizers have sold off much of the vacant area toward the front to other organizations (from what I can see on the detailed map: Cong. Shomrei Emunah and Chevra Gemilath Chesevra Stropkolder).


Wellwood Cemetery is an annex that was added on to Beth Moses Cemetery. It is the only known active cemetery in the NY Metro area that is still interring Jews who descend from Mielec, Poland.


See this Google Map for location of the entrance gate.


There are approximately 246 known burials in this plot. Photographs were taken and uploaded to Find A Grave by Scott Genzer in March 2022.