The Werynski Files – Folio 1

1933-1936 – Rubin KURZ + Roza STERN + Feige + Solomon SEEWALD. Case #252/36.

May 16, 1933 – Werynski’s cover page and notes

May 16, 1933 – Handwritten note image by Salomon Seewald

August 25, 1936 – note from Werynski to Kazimiera Kazimierski in Gliny Małych near Borowa: front image and back image

Transcription & Translation:

Kazimierz Kazimierski
in Gliny Małych
in Borowa
                                    Mielec, August 25, 1936

I would like to inform you that as a result of allegations
against a bill of exchange order for payment to Ref. N.
252/36, I appointed a hearing for September 7, 1936. 9 am.

Before the deadline, please report to my office with adequate
cash for the replacement.


September 21, 1936 – note from Werynski to the Mielec Arbitration Office re: Case #190/36/7 – creditor Rubin Kurz vs debtor Kazimierz Kasimierski. Werynski is representing the debtor in this letter. Front image and back image.

Transcription & Translation:

To the District Arbitration Office in Mielec
Creditor: Rubin Kurz, younger son of Schai, merchant in Mielec.
Debtor: Kazimierz Kazimierski, a farmer in Glinki Małe.
Pto. PLN 50.

for a decision, in the sense of art. 8 regulations. R. P. from
October 24, 1934 No. 5 item 59 Journal U. R. P. ex 1936, that
the debtor's debt to the creditor is an agricultural debt
within the meaning of Art. 1 of that Regulation and

 With the application

for securing this application by suspending legal proceedings
before the Municipal Court in Mielec, cf. N. 252/36 in time
until the final settlement of the present case.

                     Great Office!

The creditor Rubin Kurz sued the debtor Kazimierz Kazimierski
before the Grodzki Court in Mielec to the court N. 252/36 from
a promissory note for payment of PLN 50.

The next hearing in this case is to take place before the
District Court in Mielec on September 30, 1936 at 10 am and as
a result, the debtor could be exposed to considerable and
irreparable damage, and therefore, due to the following state
of affairs, the debtor applies for a ruling following the
resolution of the quoted inscription that his debt in the
amount of PLN 50 from the bill of appeal appealed by the
creditor to N. 252/36 is an agricultural debt within the
meaning of that Regulation as the ownership debt of Group A.
farm, as arisen before July 1, 1932, and for suspension of
proceedings before the Grodzki Court in Mielec N. 252/36 until
the final settlement of this application.

The creditor completely wrongly and prematurely complained
about the above promissory note, because the promissory note
was handed by the debtor to its predecessor, the creditor,
Tadeusz Wanatowicz from Mielec, only to secure the
agricultural debt arising somewhere in 1930 in connection with
the running and acquisition of a farm by by his legal former
Józef Gawron.

In particular, this debt arose in such a way that the above
Józef Gawron, somewhere in 1930, was making a purchase
contract for the sale of his land from Kosiński, who owed PLN 60
due to this title or disputed PLN 50. A claim for this
amount was given by notes. Kosiński to Wanatowicz and the
latter by the way, when the signed person was doing his
contract with not. Dr. Śpiewak with whom he bought land
from the same Józef Gawron managed to obtain from the signed
disputed promissory note in bianco to secure the above debt,
then apparently this promissory note was also transferred by
Wanatowicz to the current creditor Rubin Kurz and apparently
for fear of the present allegations of the signed and in
agreement with the current creditor.

Proof: ts. files N. 52/36, witnesses Józef Gawron and Jan
Gawron, both in Gliny Małych, St. Tadeusz Wanatowicz in Mielec
and hearings of the parties.

Mielec, September 21, 1936