The Werynski Files – Folio 7

Breindla Sternlicht (1941)

Case #293/41


Breindel (Breindla) Sternlicht née Weinberger was born November 10, 1888 in Ujscie Ruski pow. Golice, Poland. In 1941 she made a living roasting coffee and selling it to grocery stores in the region.

In March 1941 a grocery store owner in Dębica named Chana Reiner was inspected and found to be selling “coffee” that was actually roasted barley and non-bitter lupine with chicory. She was criminally charged by the public prosecutor’s office in Tarnów and represented in court by Dr. Werynski. It is not clear what happened after the ruling on January 31, 1941 but considering this was 16 months after the start of the German occupation of Mielec, she was at least heavily fined and put out of business.

Breindla Sternlicht and her four children Lipa, Samuel, Chava, and Isaac were all living in Mielec on ul. Hetmanska during the occupation; there is no record of a husband/father in the Judenrat Census where the rest of the family was registered. It is presumed they were all killed sometime before May 1945.

Documents and Translations

December 13, 1941 – Brief by Tarnów Vice-Prosecutor W. Grzegorzewski. Full size images: front image, back image

Transcription and translation:

Prosecutor's Office of the District Court in Tarnów
/. Vice prosecutor of District IV ./.
on December 13, 1941
No. Act. IV Journal 349/41


Braindla Sternlicht
accused of art. 27 p.a. Reg. Prov. Rzczpl.
of March 22, 1928 Dz. U.Nr.36.poz.343.

Chanie Reiner
accused of art. 28 Regulation Prov. Rzczpl. of
March 22, 1928

I accuse:

1 / Braindla Sternlicht

nee Weinberger, daughter of Aron and Chava Brandsztejter, born on November 10, 1888. in Ujście Ruski powiat Golice, Jewish, married, merchant, residing in Mielec ul. Rybna.

	/ There was no precautionary measure in the wild. /

	for that    "

until May 1941. in Mielec, she prepared a food item in palarn and her own food, which was harmful to human health in the form of ground coffee under the name "roasted coffee" with an admixture of unruffled lupine.

2/ Chana Reiner

daughter of Mozes and Liby, 43, Jewish, merchant, residing in Dębica ul. Rynek No. 117.

	/ in the wild a preventive measure was not applied. /

	for that    "

II. until May 1941. in Dębica, she sold for sale in her shop and sold the item described in P.I.

These acts constitute a criminal offense in P. I. from art. 27 p.a. in p. II. from art. 28 Regulation Prez.Rzpl.P.z. on March 22, 1928 Dz.U.Nr.36.poz.343.
On the basis of art. 19,26,381 of the Code of Criminal Procedure the case is heard by the District Court in Tarnów in the composition of one Judge.


In March 1941 during the sanitary inspection of the Chana Reiner food store in Dębica, several packets of ground coffee were found under the name roasted Star coffee. The company packaging said that coffee was prepared from roasted barley with a touch of chicory.

However, according to the analysis carried out by Pastowowy Zakład Higiany in Kraków, the coffee in question is made of roasted barley and non-bitter lupine with chicory.

By the way, un-bitter lupine is an ingredient that can have a detrimental effect on human health and the preparation of replacement articles from it is prohibited.

In remembrance, the coffee blend was made in the Brandla Sternlich coffee roaster in Mielec and bought for resale by the owner of the food shop Chna Reiner in Dębica. Last on 27 April 1941. Chana Raina bought 30 kg. coffee at Braindli Sternlicht.

The interviewed Brandla Sternlicht explained that she questioned the coffee at Reiner's in her roaster until the end of 1940. She then stopped making this coffee because she was banned from making such coffee. Chana Reiner purchased such coffee in her shop until the end of April 1941 from Brandla Sternlicht in Mielec.

			Deputy Prosecutor of the Regional Court:

			/. W. Grzegorzewski. /.

	List of persons subject to the summons:


8. Brandla Sternlicht - Mielec ul. Fish.
14. Chana Reiner - Dębica ul. Market Square 117.


13. Władysław Strużeński - Dębica ul. Parkowa No. 122.

List of other evidence:

To read:

3. Analysis results
2. Packaging from acidified coffee.

Data on criminal record. Deputy Prosecutor of the District Court
/. W. Grzegorzewski. /.

January 27, 1942 – Notice to appear in court issued to Braindla Sternlicht. Full size image.

January 31, 1942 – Tarnów court verdict. Full size image.

Transcription and translation:

District Court III Criminal Division in Tarnów, on January 31, 1942, Nr. Akt III K 293/41

District Court District III in Tarnów, composed of three judges, in a criminal case against Brandla Sternlicht for an offense under Article 27 of the Act. Rzpl.z 22/3 1928, No. 36 Coll. / 41 - after hearing the opinion of the District Prosecutor


Reject the above objection by Brandli Sternlicht


Content does not show that there are the reasons listed in Article 287 a / cpc, and the circumstances listed in the opposition can be explained only at the hearing


1 / Prosecutor's turn • District Court in Tarnów until IV Ds 349/41 

2 / Brandla Sternlicht is enitled to full legal advise by Bohdan Zembrzuski in Mielec ul. Rynek 8.-

Minutes: M.Fischer w.r

Chairman: J. Łucki w.r.